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Your exterior makes a statement. Whether you’re looking into structural glazing for your home or business, it can be integral to creating the kind of eye-catching aesthetic that’s perfect for your business’ brand, or simply your own personal style. They create a more transparent and visually striking aesthetic than traditional captured systems because they use less metallic framing. 

What is structural glazing?

Structural glazing is a building technique for homes and commercial properties that creates a seamless glass exterior built on a hollow metal frame. It’s a stunning and highly versatile construction method that can make your home or business exterior look dynamic, pristine and thoroughly contemporary.

How your business or home can benefit from structural glazing

Of course, structural glazing does a whole lot more than just look great. Structural glazing is also;

  • Highly customisable, allowing you to make exteriors of wildly different sizes and shapes.
  • Highly thermally efficient to keep your energy costs manageable.
  • Highly resistant to water and air infiltration (unlike brick and mortar or wood).
  • Extremely secure and impact resistant.
  • Long lasting and low maintenance.

Of course, you wouldn’t trust just anyone with your home or business exterior…

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